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Goals – Finances

For most of our marriage we have lived pretty much like everyone else. Credit cards, minimal savings, no budget, no long term planning… we even had months were we over-drafted on a regular basis… which makes no sense to me… you don’t have enough money, so the bank charges you more money.

That changed for us about 3 years ago. On the way back home on a late night drive I found Dave Ramsey on the radio. He is the author of the “Total Money Makeover.” We had played with getting control of our finances in the past, but nothing ever stuck until Dave. We have paid off a significant amount of debt… in the area of 90k so far and haven’t used a credit care in three years.

I won’t go into detail about all our goals financially, but here’s what we’re shooting for….

Fi – 8

  • Increase our Emergency Fund to 3 months expenses
  • Add Term Life Insurance for myself
  • Add Term Life Insurance for my wife
  • Continue to pay down on our house, the last debt we have

Do you have a plan? Do you use a budget? What goals do you have? Do you find money to be a problem in your marriage or something you work together on?

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